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With a combined background in communication, marketing, market research and brand building, we add to our experience the ability to innovate and develop a model that allows us to understand and strengthen the alignment of the mainstays that generate value for brands and companies striving for  a higher purpose.

Brand Wellness measures each of the mainstays, determines their relationship with the purpose and defines the potential.

Promptly executed action plans improve results quickly and constantly.


Brand Wellness evaluatees each of the mainstays, determines its relationship to purpose and defines potential.

Action plans executed on time improve results quickly and continuously.

Our purpose


Build healthier companies for the long term.


We help company officers to constantly improve results by providing a clear, complete and concrete overview of how management strategy, organizational culture, employees' perception of the company brand and customer or consumer loyalty interact, to align everything to the company purpose. Aligning correctly these four mainstays reduces energy leakage and focuses all the efforts into positive results.


Every company is like a ship.

A closed ecosystem that goes towards  its purpose, for which each pillar constitutes a part of the results.

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