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The Brand Wellness methodology operates with the D.A.R. Process to generate better results by optimizing the resources available on the company.

• Comprehensive Diagnosis

Total Alignment

Incremental Results


Comprehensive Diagnosis

This stage is carried out entirely on line to ensure the precise capture of information and eliminate travel costs.

We apply questionnaires to the members of the Executive Committee, to all employees and to a representative sample of clients or consumers to obtain these indexes:

• Purpose

Identify on the Executive Committee’s knowledge and commitment with the company’s purpose.

• Strategy

Measures the Executive Committee perception and evaluation of the objectives and strategies of the company.

• Culture

Detects if the culture of the company is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.

• Market In

It reflects how employees perceive the quality of the products or services and the performance of the company as if they were their customers.

• Market Out

How customers and consumers rate products or services and what is their level of loyalty towards the brand-company.


And from these we obtain the Brand Wellness Index.


Total Alignment

Based on the findings of the Comprehensive Diagnosis and the relative importance of each element, we will recommend one or more of these actions:


1. Working session with the Executive Committee to identify and define the purpose.

2. Strategic alignment session with the management team.

3. Workshops on cultural transformation and alignment with purpose.

4. Internal communication and integration actions to generate brand value among employees.

5. Brand optimization according to the perception identified in consumers.


Incremental Results

Results will start showing as soon as the Total Alignment actions are carried out.


Organizations are not static entities, nor are markets. To maintain results growth without falling into comfort zones or being surprised by undetected changes in the markets, we enter a Kaizen-type dynamic, in which the cycle of Comprehensive Diagnosis, Total Alignment and Incremental Results is repeated

Depending on the organization dynamics, evaluation cycles from 6 to 12 months are recommended.

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